MPX software was developed for manufacturing cycle time analysis and capacity planning.  MPX enables companies to evaluate the impact of management decisions on their shop floor operations.  Using this technology managers and analysts can build computer-based models of their manufacturing operations with unprecedented speed (hours) and subsequently pose “what-if” questions with answers provided in seconds.  This is in sharp contrast to simulation alternatives employed by manufacturing organizations which require weeks/months of model development and computer execution times that vary from minutes to hours.  Users include managers and engineers with a focus on lead time reduction, resource allocation and manufacturing process improvement.  MPX is particularly useful in manufacturing operations where numerous configuration options negatively impact inventory and work-in-process costs.

The rapid modeling technology (RMT) used by MPX is based on recent advances in mathematics such as reliability modeling and branches of engineering applied mathematics that are especially suited to the modeling and evaluation of the factory floor.  Embedded within MPX is a rapid modeling "engine" containing complex mathematical equations that capture the manufacturing system dynamics of the factory floor.  This sophisticated application reflects the knowledge and experience of the manufacturing experts who developed MPX.




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